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Are dark energy and dark matter simply information or thought?

   I know that the word "dark" is used because people can't see it or find it but when describing thought it is (mostly) inappropriate.  An estimated 90% of the mass needed to make the equations of physicists and cosmologists make sense is unobservable and not really explained to anyone's satisfaction.  There is an article at  BIG THINK  on this subject as it relates to information but doesn't all information begin with a thought?  Everything begins with a thought?   How do we test this?   Science is about making predictions and then being able test in a reproducible way the accuracy of those predictions.   Radio waves have transmitters and receivers with well thought out and provable theories.  But as far I know there is no way to read  and transmit thoughts unless one is telepathic.  I've read that everyone has the potential to be telepathic but I've not been able to verify this. The conservation laws of physics tell us that matter plus energy must be co