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It's a complex situation in the disclosure world.

    There are multiple groups of ets working on earth.  Some are benevolent and are trying to help us.  The group that controls the planet is reptilian with other races under their control and is not benevolent.   They are very good at mind control and deceit. Various factions of the military and governments have signed contracts with different groups of ets.  The agreements are to trade et technology for earth resources. These resources include children and  has resulted in the trading of humans for various purposes. These purposes include conscription for fighting, sex and general labor. Using advanced techniques.  They actually borrow is-bes or pieces thereof.   An is-be is a person's soul or spirit.   Clones are sometimes involved.  The manipulation of time is also part of the program.  The details of how this us accomplished still eludes me.  But this traggicking is the main reason the people and organizations involved don't want to disclose.   Another aspect of this is ho