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You may be married to an alien.

After reading They walk among us. by Dr. David Jacobs and listening to an Art Bell show on youtube that had  an interview with the author (actually there are two seperate shows with him interviewing the man), I'm convinced they are here.   I am talking about millions of hybrids that look completely human.  This is a result of 70 years of abductions.   These brids are capable of mind control.  They can even control crowds. This explains drump.   There is simply no way that any rational person would back or follow that person without being influenced (mind control).   These brids are not doing this voluntarily, they are being controlled by ets.  This is being done as a distraction to keep humans divided and fighting each other both politically and in the physical wars that are occurring.  Its done to prevent or delay disclosure.  They are using us (our isbes) for slaves.  It's their soulbank.  It's been happening for millenia.   Once disclosure occurs there will be a number o