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Disclosure is key.

  When I say disclosure I mean thousands of craft appearing in the sky world wide.  But be careful, it could be positive oriented beings or it could be other more malevolent types.   In other words a false flag operation.  In order to get them to show themselves simply ask them.  They are listening. Another good book to read is "Walking Among Us" by David M Jacobs phd.   There have been literally thousands (probably millions) of abductions over the years,  Most of these involve a hybridaton and training program aimed at taking over humanity.  In other words there are a great many hybrids that look like humans walking among us. They have advanced mental capabilities and can read our mind and control  us. This is probably still going on.   Some sources say yes some no.  We have to assume that the program is continuing and the only thing that will put an end to it and force the governments of the world to tell all is for the more positive for the more positively oriented groups