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A message to humanity.

                                                                         This was borrowed from a disclosure group on fb.  It is consistent with what I have learned from Dr. Steven Greer and a lot of my own research. "In summary, this is the message given to man to answer the life long question. That is “where are the ETs?". Here is what this former jet pilot, air traffic controller has to say. He stated this was the response from the being he was in contact with (this is a translation from the original French to English language brought to you by Dan Drasin, a film maker and researcher). Each one of you wishes to exercise your free will and experience happiness. Your free will depends upon the knowledge you have of your power. Your happiness depends upon the love that you give and receive. Like all conscious races at this stage of progress, you may feel isolated on your planet. This impression gives you a certain view of your destiny. You are at the brink of big upheavals

My trees have an anomaly.

  Please zoom on the upper left.    You don't have to wait for the government to disclose what they know about alipeeps (alien people). I don't think they're going to tell you much anyway. All you need to do is ask the alipeeps. They know what your thinking so think kind thoughts. Most of them are friendly but some are not. If enough people ask they will simply decloak and the world will be a different place. For this photo I simply stated my intent and pointed my phone up. #ufo #disclosure