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Do Look Up!

  Photo borrowed from April Rossi's fb feed. You should start seeing more and more signs of the Alipeeps (alien people) now.   There should be fewer malevolent abductions also because most of the perpetrators have been chased off.    There have been a variety of visitors from the stars over thousands of years.   There are thousands of people doing CE5 type encounters worldwide.   You do not need to be part of a group to make contact but it might be beneficial.   Get informed, there are thousands of books, movies and fb groups etc that cover this subject.  We are destined to become part of the galactic community.  First we must stop killing our fellow humans and destroying our planet.  The Alipeeps can help us with this by showing us new forms of clean, cheap energy and travel.   Our governments have been aware of some of these technologies for the last 60 years so there will be some explaining  to be done.  We must come  together as nations and people to present one front to the ga