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The chariots and their occupants.

  Photo borrowed from April Rossi's FB feed. I can remember reading Chariots of The Gods  by Erich Von Daniken when it first came out over 50 years ago.   I've done a substantial amount of  study on the subject since than.  The AliPeeps (alien people) that have been visiting us  for millenia were thought to  be gods but they are just more advanced technically and mentally than us.  They are beings just like us and we don't need to bow to them.   If we had shown up in colonial America with our cellphones we would have been burned at the stake for being witches.   The "chariots" have a wide range of shapes, sizes and capabilities depending on the races that occupy them.  Some craft are organic and respond to the thoughts of their tuned in pilots.  They have different methods of travel and the speed of light is not a limitation.   The different shapes are because of the different modes.  Each method depends on a exact geometry utilizing the golden ratio.  Some advanc

Current state of affairs and the prospect of open contact.

Photo borrowed from April Rossi's fb feed. Alipeeps  (Alien people)  have been visiting this planet for thousands of years supervising and seeding our  evolution.  Some just observed and some stole gold and other resources.  But t he Alipeeps visiting earth the past 70 years have been detrimental with  a goal to rule and enslave.  They accomplish this with subterfuge and influence.   There are both good and bad  confederations of Alipeeps .  The   malevolent side made deals with a group of controlling humans in the 1940s and there have been abductions and experiments on humans without  permission.   Some are abducted to never return, many of them children.   Lately there has been concerted efforts by some benevolent groups of Alipeeps to clean the mess up and evict the bad guys.  There has been significant progress!   If we can get enough people to think clearly and ask for open contact, it will occur.  All it takes is a small percentage.  The media has been complicit in suppressin