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Human leaders are being manipulated!

  Religious, political, media organizations and military leaders are being manipulated by ets.  So are leading scientists and educators.   Their attitudes concerning ufos and ets are incredibly naive.  Most of the channeling community also cannot be trusted.   This is all on purpose.  Ets use neural engagement and dreams to plant thoughts and ideas into their heads.   They have been doing this for thousands of years.  They have had millions of years to perfect their techniques. We humans are thought of as their pets.  They don't want to destroy us or our planet but to use us.  They keep us fighting against each other as a distraction so we don't notice what they are doing and rebel.  They control what we see in the media.   They control everything and there is not just one group.   There are also millions of hybrids with advanced mental capabilities  walking around.  You might be married to one.  (See "Walking Among Us" by David Jacobs.)   Earth is one of the most uni