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What do the ets want?

  There are millions of et species, some quite strange.  There are at least 50 visiting earth right now.  Some are after various resources both animal and mineral.  Some think of us as their pets.  Some like to eat us.  Others feed off of our fear.   There are species that are simply curious.  Some seem to like bovine stuff.  Not sure what they're used for but consider all the cattle mutilations.  There is a large program to use our isbes as slaves.  A lot of the victims are children.  They also use clones to house some isbss. There are hundreds of thousands of people that go missing each year.  Many souls end up on other planets.  There is a lot of genetic experimentation on humans and other life forms.   How do think all different races on earth got here.  They created us.  Of course there is a little fractal of god in each entity so you could by this reasoning say that god created us.  There are also ets that look like large insects.   Some are very intelligent and they are resp