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Anything is possible.

Photo from April Rossi's fb feed.  As far as I can tell she has disappeared from fb.  I don't know if it was voluntary. This happens a lot with this subject area.   For real, if you reveal things that certain people or agencies don't want to be known you simply disappear.  I don't care, I'm over 70 and will cause more trouble from the other side. Some of these so called reptilians (pictured above) are probably good guys, most are considered malevolent.  I don't know which ones are which.  If you encounter one one, go with your gut.   They are rarely seen because they work through intermediaries usually some variety of grey. There have been personal attacks by some of the medium channels on each other lately.   If anyone says that Putin or Trump are ok people you really have to take everything they say with a sizable chunk of salt.  If anyone of them promote anti vax information, they are not well informed or they are informed by the wrong side.  The Alipeeps  ha