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The multiverse is teeming with life.

        Photos borrowed from April Rossi's fb feed. There are millions of different  species out there, they are everywhere and not all have friendly intentions. Some are very good at deceit and they make promises that are not kept.  Different groups have varying agendas.  There are also many benevolent beings and some are even interested in our welfare.     It  can be very difficult for humans to tell the good guys from the bad.    There are probably at least a hundred different species involved with earth right now.   Some look much like us and you may be standing next to one.  Use your gut and examine their deeds when deciding what and who to believe.   According to many of our visitors humans inhabit one of the most beautiful planets in all of existence.   This is obvious to anyone but planets like earth are very rare and valuable in the universe.  Almost all these sources comment on how badly humans are treating their home.   We are depleting our natural resources and pollutin

I don't know what you expected upon disclosure.

  Photos borrowed from April Rossi's fb feed. The so called disclosure that our government gave us on the UFO subject was underwhelming and definitely not complete.  It was a start though and they did release a stack of redacted papers which people are probably combing.   But after over 50 yr. of studying this subject I'm convinced that there is and has been an enormous coverup for over 60 yr.  by our military industrial complex.   It is time for full disclosure.  Most benevolent beings in the multiverse have a non-intervention policy.  And who can blame them for staying away from humans.   But the group of beings responsible for the next post will intervene if enough people simply ask them.   I copied this info from a UFO disclosure group on fb.