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Free (Cheap) energy.

Photo borrowed from April Rossi's FB feed. How do UFOs power their craft?   There is no visible exhaust or vapor trail.  They can hover noiselessly and travel very fast from one point to another.  They literally defy gravity and have the ability to withstand the g forces of abrupt maneuvers.   They can also be seen to simply dematerialize or materialize.  To travel even to the nearest star system would take years at subluminal speeds.    Various mediums and authors have talked about  at least two different designs of machines that produce more power than is fed into them.  There also  appear to be some that are nuclear powered although those may be built by humans.  We have been reverse engineering recovered craft for at least 60 years so I assume we've made some progress.  The technology has been kept from the public on purpose.  The people that control our world have a vested interest in continuing with oil as our basis for fuel.  

CE5 - Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind

  Actually any encounter with Alipeeps (alien people) or their craft is memorable but this variety is human initiated.  Oftentimes a group of like minded individuals will get together and meditate for while asking for contact.  They often follow a procedure or protocol.  This has been popularized by Dr Steven Greer and there are many groups of people worldwide doing sessions with success.  There is an app on google play that is sometimes used.  It has 50k downloads.   One person alone can do this also as I have.  This has been going on for decades at least.  It is not easy to get good photos or videos.  They have a habit of disappearing and electronic equipment often doesn't work in these situations. Keep in mind there are both good and bad Alipeep and it is difficult for humans to tell the difference.  Use your gut instincts and observe their deeds.  Many of the  malevolent Alipeep are literally underground along with their human aides.    Dr. Greer also has produced some excellen