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What aren't they telling us.

 Photo is borrowed from April Rossi's fb feed. Earth has had Alipeeps (alien people) visitors for thousands of years.  We are a result of their genetic experiments.   Some are good, some are bad.   Our government has known about them and is working with them.    Humans have visited other planets in other solar systems.  From the 1940s there has bee a deliberate and massive effort to ridicule and suppress any evidence or mention of their activities.  It has been very successful but the time for disclosure has come. Some people have known about cheap, very efficient forms of energy production for years.   Inventors who have discovered some of these techniques on their own have been silenced and eliminated.   To switch from oil to these better technologies is not gonna be easy but it must be done. We must come together as citizens of the universe  in a loving way with good intentions and send a mental request to the Alipeeps to materialize.  They will respond.