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Windows on Reality

  Photos from Hubble Lately I've been watching videos from a group called Farsight.   They are a group of remote viewers in Georgia (although we shouldn't hold that against them).  The Farsight Institute is run by Dr. Courtney Brown and they use a technique called remote viewing developed by the military and used by some of the lettered agencies.   This kind work is done by people with well developed psychic abilities.  It's a way of "seeing" what did happen in the past or might happen in the future.  Reality is made of many (infinite) time lines and the one we experience depends on probabilities and the choices we make. Another way of getting information is through channels.  These are also people with well developed mental abilities who act as transceivers for other beings whether they Alipeeps (alien people) or  higher dimensional entities.   Hypnosis, meditation and dreaming are also windows into what is. Probably the best way to gain knowledge about reality i