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They are literally flying above us all the time everywhere.

  You can take videos like this yourself.   Simply get an IR filter for your cell phone and take slow motion videos of the the sky overhead.  For more videos like this go to @CourtneyBrownFarsight  on Instagram.  You can get detailed directions on how to film and process your videos at or     A 10 minute video will yield evidence of hundreds. These craft are numerous and vary greatly in size and shape.  Some change their shape and configuration continuously as the one shown above.  They are cloaked to  visible light mostly.   Some are huge and what might be called mother ships with lots of smaller ones flying in and out.   I have read where the craft are organic in a way and tuned to a specific pilot.  The are controlled by thought.   They have always been here although there may be a few more now.   There are many different groups and they don't all get along with each other.  This planet  is currently controlled by a group of reptilians who are in