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The next step is to unite!


                                            Photos borrowed from April Rossi's fb feed.

One should be aware that we inhabit a populated area of the galaxy.  For evidence we simply need to look up.  If you ask them they will show up.  If enough of us ask they will show up all over in mass.  Dr Steven Greer has a protocol called CE5 (Close Encounters of the 5th kind) where groups of people go out and meditate etc asking ufos to reveal themselves.  He also has an app of the same name where one can see where other users are located.  Although a group magnifies the power of the the directed thought it is not essential to making contact.  Many people are doing this by themselves.  There are also thousands of books and videos on the subject.   There are abductions occurring both with good and bad intent.  Do a little research.

This should give you a new perspective.  We are an insignificant and mostly ignorant bunch.   We are quickly consuming our natural resources and destroying our environment and ability to sustain ourselves.   We can be belligerent and warlike.  Many of the Alipeeps (alien people)  visiting us have gone through the the same kinds of challenges on their home worlds.   They either want to trade with us or conquer us.   They are millions of years more advanced than humans both  technologically and mentally.   We are not going to going to remain free as the human race unless we unite as a planet and use some discretion when dealing with the Alipeep.  

Most Alipeeps live in very structured and controlled  societies.   You would not be happy in that kind of environment.   For the most part they must be very cautious when visiting us directly because of possible contamination (viruses etc).

The rules in this part of the galaxy do not allow them to take over our planet with force unless we are destroying it ourselves.  We must quickly federate and quit fighting against each other.  We have to get serious about reversing climate change.   Big changes are on the way, and we are quickly losing control.  We must act before it is too late.