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The universe is conscious.


Photo borrowed from NASA.

Every point in space and time is connected to every other point.   This is why telepathy, nonlocality, bilocality and teleportation work.   Alipeeps (alien people) travel and communicate using this property.  They don't use radio, it doesn't make sense at the distances involved.  They use quantum devices and thought or telepathy.  They also use thought to control their craft.  The more advanced craft are organic in nature.   Their controls are matched genetically to their pilots.

 There is a link that exists between people also.  That means all peeps including the Alipeeps are connected.  God is "all that is".  We are each a fractal of God.   We are all  one   We each have the power of the universe available to us.   The number of minds in the universe is one.

It has been demonstrated that the shape of ice crystals can be controlled with thought or music.  Large structures can be built and/or moved.  The most powerful thing is a thought powered by love.