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What is an is-be?


I first heard the  term "is-be" on the remote viewing site of .   They might have got it from the book Alien Interview by Lawrence R Spencer.  This book is written from notes taken and provided to the author by Matilda O'Donnel MacElroy.  She was the nurse who interviewed the only alien to survive the ufo crash at Roswell.  It's a very interesting book. 

Each of us houses an is-be.  Our spirit so to speak.   We exist, our spirit exists or is and it's only real purpose is to be.  It cannot be destroyed.  It can be trapped, transferred to another host and fooled with or tricked.  It can and should grow in capability and wisdom but this not required.  It never dies  ie you never die.  Your is-be can be in more than one place at the same time.   It can go anywhere.  There are no limitations.   We might have made plans on what we wished to accomplish during any particular lifetime but it doesn't really matter if this actually occurs.  We are simply is-bes having  a human experience.

Each is-be, each of us is a fractal of source.  Source is what some might call god or "all that is".  

Each and every point in space is connected to every other point in space.  Everything is conscious.  We each have psychic  abilities but if we don't use them they shrivel up like a n unused muscle.  

Some sources claim that our is-bes are trapped by the technology of more advanced races. They say that our memories are erased between each lifetime and we are confined to an earth matrix so to speak.  There is some evidence for this and I'll explore this subject in a future post.