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The Trap


On earth and many other planets throughout the universe a large group of ets consisting of many species has set up an ai controlled system of trapping souls or is-bes after the death of their body and recycling  them back after erasing their memories of their last lifetime.  This group of ets is sometimes called the "old empire"  and includes many races including reptilians and grays although we haven't discovered who actually set up the matrix.  No one that we know of has figured out how to dismantle it.   That is going to be difficult to say the least but it must be addressed now. 

The idea that we live in an electronic matrix has been tossed around in science fiction literature and movies for some time.  Until lately, I gave it little credence.

I've read many books on the subjects of near death experiences and life after death and consciousness.   Only a couple (out of thousands) talk about the subject of a trap so I must admit its hard to get used to.  But it's the most important problem ever faced by the the entire multiverse.

Many et species have developed their innate abilities to split their is-be into two or more parts and inhabit separate bodies.  These bodies do not have to be biological but can be any mix of biological and manufactured composition.  An is-be is a soul or spirit.  It simply is and it's purpose is to be.  Space travelers often transfer their is-be into a synthetic body because of the variety of environments and forces they might be subjected to.  When one body wears out or needs repair they can simply transfer to another  one.  There is no death of an is-be including yours.  Earth is a prison where we cannot escape until someone solves this problem.  There are billions of other civilizations it would be fun to experience.