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You should know this.

The blue angels are at the lower left.  The uaps are the white dots and they are zipping all around almost playfully.   You can easily take videos like this your self.

The Farsight Institute focuses on remote viewing.  They been looking into the true history of the universe.  They also investigate current and future events.  They have been censored and shadow banned but if you search for "farsight institute" you should be able to find them.   Look at courtneybrownfarsight on Instagram for videos of ufos.  These are being filmed in hi-def, slo-mo and infrared.   These uaps can travel so fast that even if they were uncloaked you would not see them.

 According to the latest release by FarSight on the Fleet of UFOs at the Pensacola air show about 15% of the entire earth human population is now directly under et control.  This has been accomplished by implanting abductees with devices and a very large genetic experiment.  The genetics component involves inserting hybrids with enhanced psychic abilities into the general population.  A third component of their plan involve a chemical attack that will mess with memory.  A fourth involves climate change.  They mention a very abrupt and impactful change in population which might involve et assisted climate change.

There are humans in the military and private sector that know about some of these plans yet are not yet talking.  These activities have been going on for a very long time.  It's time for us to wake up.

The et group that is in control of earth at present does not have our best interest in mind.  They want to use us as slaves and genetic experiments.  We have free will, tell them to get lost.