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It's a complex situation in the disclosure world.

    There are multiple groups of ets working on earth.  Some are benevolent and are trying to help us.  The group that controls the planet is reptilian with other races under their control and is not benevolent.   They are very good at mind control and deceit. Various factions of the military and governments have signed contracts with different groups of ets.  The agreements are to trade et technology for earth resources. These resources include children and  has resulted in the trading of humans for various purposes. These purposes include conscription for fighting, sex and general labor. Using advanced techniques.  They actually borrow is-bes or pieces thereof.   An is-be is a person's soul or spirit.   Clones are sometimes involved.  The manipulation of time is also part of the program.  The details of how this us accomplished still eludes me.  But this traggicking is the main reason the people and organizations involved don't want to disclose.   Another aspect of this is ho

You should know this.

The blue angels are at the lower left.  The uaps are the white dots and they are zipping all around almost playfully.   You can easily take videos like this your self.   The Farsight Institute focuses on remote viewing.  They been looking into the true history of the universe.  They also investigate current and future events.  They have been censored and shadow banned but if you search for "farsight institute" you should be able to find them.   Look at courtneybrownfarsight on Instagram for videos of ufos.  These are being filmed in hi-def, slo-mo and infrared.   These uaps can travel so fast that even if they were uncloaked you would not see them.  According to the latest release by FarSight on the Fleet of UFOs at the Pensacola air show about 15% of the entire earth human population is now directly under et control.  This has been accomplished by implanting abductees with devices and a very large genetic experiment.  The genetics component involves inserting hybrids with en

They are literally flying above us all the time everywhere.

  You can take videos like this yourself.   Simply get an IR filter for your cell phone and take slow motion videos of the the sky overhead.  For more videos like this go to @CourtneyBrownFarsight  on Instagram.  You can get detailed directions on how to film and process your videos at or     A 10 minute video will yield evidence of hundreds. These craft are numerous and vary greatly in size and shape.  Some change their shape and configuration continuously as the one shown above.  They are cloaked to  visible light mostly.   Some are huge and what might be called mother ships with lots of smaller ones flying in and out.   I have read where the craft are organic in a way and tuned to a specific pilot.  The are controlled by thought.   They have always been here although there may be a few more now.   There are many different groups and they don't all get along with each other.  This planet  is currently controlled by a group of reptilians who are in

The Trap

  On earth and many other planets throughout the universe a large group of ets consisting of many species has set up an ai controlled system of trapping souls or is-bes after the death of their body  and   recycling   them back after erasing their memories of their  last lifetime .  This group of ets is sometimes called the "old empire"  and includes many races including  reptilians  and grays although we haven't discovered  who actually set up the matrix.  No one that we know of has figured out how to dismantle it.   That is going to be difficult to say the least but it must be addressed now.  The idea that we live in an electronic matrix has been tossed around in science fiction literature and movies for some time.  Until lately, I gave it little credence. I've read many books on the subjects of near death experiences and life after death and consciousness.   Only a couple (out of thousands) talk about the subject of a trap so I must admit its hard to get used to. 

Human leaders are being manipulated!

  Religious, political, media organizations and military leaders are being manipulated by ets.  So are leading scientists and educators.   Their attitudes concerning ufos and ets are incredibly naive.  Most of the channeling community also cannot be trusted.   This is all on purpose.  Ets use neural engagement and dreams to plant thoughts and ideas into their heads.   They have been doing this for thousands of years.  They have had millions of years to perfect their techniques. We humans are thought of as their pets.  They don't want to destroy us or our planet but to use us.  They keep us fighting against each other as a distraction so we don't notice what they are doing and rebel.  They control what we see in the media.   They control everything and there is not just one group.   There are also millions of hybrids with advanced mental capabilities  walking around.  You might be married to one.  (See "Walking Among Us" by David Jacobs.)   Earth is one of the most uni

What is an is-be?

  I first heard the  term "is-be" on the remote viewing site of  .   They might have got it from the book Alien Interview by L awrence R Spencer .   This book is written from notes taken and provided to the author by  Matilda O'Donnel MacElroy.  She was the nurse who interviewed the only alien to survive the ufo crash at Roswell.  It's a very interesting book.  Each of us houses an is-be.  Our spirit so to speak.   We exist, our spirit exists or is and it's only real purpose is to be.  It cannot be destroyed.  It can be trapped, transferred to another host and fooled with or tricked.  It can and should grow in capability and wisdom but this not required.  It never dies  ie you never die.  Your is-be can be in more than one place at the same time.   It can go anywhere.  There are no limitations.   We might have made plans on what we wished to accomplish during any particular lifetime but it doesn't really matter if this actually occurs.  We a

Disclosure is key.

  When I say disclosure I mean thousands of craft appearing in the sky world wide.  But be careful, it could be positive oriented beings or it could be other more malevolent types.   In other words a false flag operation.  In order to get them to show themselves simply ask them.  They are listening. Another good book to read is "Walking Among Us" by David M Jacobs phd.   There have been literally thousands (probably millions) of abductions over the years,  Most of these involve a hybridaton and training program aimed at taking over humanity.  In other words there are a great many hybrids that look like humans walking among us. They have advanced mental capabilities and can read our mind and control  us. This is probably still going on.   Some sources say yes some no.  We have to assume that the program is continuing and the only thing that will put an end to it and force the governments of the world to tell all is for the more positive for the more positively oriented groups